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(This guide is no longer supported as of 3/03/2024.)

The Mojave Express Guide is a curated, fully modular Viva New Vegas extension guide that aims to enhance the vanilla gameplay experience whilst keeping your game fairly lore friendly and balanced. This guide has taken inspiration from the Wasteland Survival Guide and my own picks for mods I use in my playthroughs. This guide is fully compatible with all VNV mods, and I have provided patches, loadorder and LOD to go with. You will require a working, stable Viva New Vegas setup before you can proceed with the guide! The format for the guide is very similar to VNV and so shouldn't be too hard to follow.


This guide will cover a large assortment of mods and in combination with Viva New Vegas will be more than enough to enhance your game in all of the key areas. The main complaint about Fallout: New Vegas is its outdated gameplay mechanics and so I've included many of the best elements from FO4 to bring the game up to a 2024 standard.

Below is a brief overview of the key areas enhanced and a couple of the most noticable mods in the guide:

  • User Interface: The user interface has been substantially enhanced with higher resolution UI and icons, various display modernizations from the newer games, a new layout and visibility tweaks.
  • Gameplay: You will now be able to sprint, slow down time, lean and bash your foes. New enemy mechanics have been added.
  • Overhauls: Shooting has been revamped with improved accuracy and selective firing. Power armour is reminiscent of FO4 and radiation is deadly!
  • Content: NPC's now have new clothing/armours, backpacks and weapons.
  • Locations: More detailed landscapes, new interiors and dungeons to explore.
  • Visuals: Weapon DOF, Bullet trails, dropped mags and HQ bullet impacts.
  • Animations: Smooth animations for weapons, object interactions, movement and staggering.
  • Audio: Fresh UI, object, footstep and weapon sounds. Additionally some new music + radio songs.