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METG - Introduction

(This guide is no longer supported as of 3/03/2024.)

Due to high demand I have created a texture guide specifically tailored to both the Viva New Vegas and Mojave Express Guide, which should be started after you have completed both. This guide will cover a large portion of the assets from New Vegas whilst trying to keep reasonable choices and performance in mind. It is extremely difficult to create a cohesive texture guide with large coverage as the textures and meshes have to be from various author's of varying styles and quality levels. Poorly made meshes are known to cause crashes so for the sake of stability I have tried to avoid these. If you are looking for a texture guide with different visuals then check out New Vegas Visual Renewal.


You will need to have the Texture Modding Preset for your NVTF otherwise you will run out of memory and crash. This preset will disable texture mirroring between VRAM and RAM, which decreases RAM usage. However by default this will break Alt-Tab functionality in Fullscreen Mode. Therefore you will need to either use DXVK or Windowed Mode in order to Alt-Tab.

This guide has been designed for you to download the mods in the order presented. You do not need to download every mod but do note you will not get the intended look or overwrites. Patches and loadorder will be provided at the end.


Some of the meshes in this guide have noticeably higher triangle counts and draw calls than the vanilla meshes. Some may find these out of place and they may also have an impact on performance, therefore they have been marked with .

Safe VRAM recommendations using all the textures in the guide + Object & Terrain LOD with 4x MSAA.

  • 1080p - 6GB+ VRAM

  • 1440p - 8GB+ VRAM

  • 2160p - 10GB+ VRAM